The best watering for every plant

The Aquastick® is a smart watering system that transports water from a reservoir to the plant in a very natural way.

Step 1

Get the Aquastick® from the package and take the nursery pot with soil.

Step 2

Insert the Aquastick in one of the holes on the bottom of the nursery pot.

Step 3

Fill the transplant pot with water and place the nursery pot with the Aquastick in the pot with water, ensure that the Aquastick can get all water out of the transplant pot.

Step 4

Enjoy the great flowers, on average the water reservoir contains enough water for 2-3 weeks, depending on the type of flower.

Easy & Natural

Potted plants are decorative and desired items in- and outside the house. However, plants do need to be watered consistently in order for them to grow and flourish optimally. Yet, a lack of consistency is an all too familiar aspect of life. Fortunately, plants don’t have to suffer because now there’s Aquastick®, a smart watering system which enables plants to regulate their own water supply. Simple, easy to use, with flourishing plants as a result.


Aquastick®  is available in different lengths and sizes and can be used in any type of pot with a reservoir: from slick designs, to warm terracotta or romantic ‘English pottery’.

The Aquastick is delivered with or without a point at the end. For standard potting compost or substrate, you can use an Aquastick® without a sharp point. For bark, a pointed end might be necessary.

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Aquastick ambassadors

Our ambassadors play an important role within Aquastick. We work together closely to ensure the Aquastick works well throughout the supply chain. These companies are actively involved with the latest trends and development around houseplants. Together we have as mission to consistently enhance and improve the consumers houseplant purchase and care experience.